Kamil Stoch is the best Pole in the Oberstdorf flying competition

Kamil Stoch was 12th, Aleksander Zniszczoł 19th, Piotr Żyła 26th, and Dawid Kubacki 39th in Saturday’s Ski Jumping World Cup competition at the mammoth facility in Oberstdorf. The winner was Slovenian Timi Zajc. His compatriot Peter Prevc and Austrian Stefan Kraft also stood on the podium.

Stoch achieved 204 m and 221 m, which gave him 405.6 points. In the second series, he advanced nine positions and equaled his best performance of the season. A week ago in Sapporo he was also 12th.

Zniszczoł jumped 210 m and 219.5 m, thanks to which he received a score of 400.1 points, while Żyła reached 203.5 m and 198 m – 367 points. Kubacki jumped only 177 and was eliminated after the first series. 40 competitors took part in the competition, including one who was disqualified.

Zajc jumped 230 m twice and won with a score of 449.3 points. Prevc lost 4.2 points to him after jumping on 230.5 m and 232 m. Kraft jumped 222 m and 225.5 m. The Austrian was nine points worse than Zajc. His compatriot Michael Hayboeck was right behind the podium.

The 23-year-old Slovenian won the fourth individual victory in the World Cup competition in his career. The ski jumping hill in Oberstdorf is his favorite because he won there for the third time. He was also the best in 2019 and 2022.

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Zajc became the leader of the general classification in ski flying. The first of six individual flying World Cup competitions planned for this season took place on Saturday.

Kraft is breaking his record, as on Saturday he stood on the podium of the individual World Cup competition for the 112th time in his career. The Austrian already has 1,446 points and has increased his advantage over his main rivals in the general classification. The second Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi collected 1217 points, and the third German Andreas Wellinger – 1142. The best Pole is 23rd, Zniszczoł, who scored 236 points.

The second individual competition will be held on Sunday in Oberstdorf, preceded by qualifications.


1. Timi Zajc (Slovenia) 449.3 points (230.0 m/230.0 m)
2. Peter Prevc (Slovenia) 445.1 (230.5/232.0)
3. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 440, 3 (222.0/225.5)
4. Michael Hayboeck (Austria) 436.5 (219.0/229.5)
5. Domen Prevc (Slovenia) 430.6 (227.5/219.0)
6. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) 426.2 (219.5/223.0)
7. Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) 425.5 (216.5/224.0)
8. Johann Andre Forfang (Norway) 420.1 (217, 5/214.5)
9. Daniel Huber (Austria) 418.9 (210.5/221.5)
10. Marius Lindvik (Norway) 416.6 (215.5/213.5)

12. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 405.6 (204.0/221.0)
19. Aleksander Zniszczoł (Poland) 400.1 (210.0/219.5)
26. Piotr Żyła (Poland) 367.0 (203.5/ 198.0)
39. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) 148.8 (177.0)

World Cup general classification (after 21 out of 32 competitions)

1. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 1,446 points
2. Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) 1,217
3. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) 1,142
4. Jan Hoerl (Austria) 755
5. Michael Hayboeck (Austria) 604
6. Marius Lindvik (Norway) 586
7 . Pius Paschke (Germany) 582
8. Karl Geiger (Germany) 573
9. Lovro Kos (Slovenia) 561
10. Anze Lanisek (Slovenia) 550

23. Aleksander Zniszczoł (Poland) 236
24 Dawid Kubacki (Poland) 183
25 . Piotr Żyła (Poland) 182
27. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 157
42. Paweł Wąsek (Poland) 42
58. Maciej Kot (Poland) 4

Nations Cup

1. Austria 5,006 points
2. Germany 3,777
3. Slovenia 3,164
4. Norway 2,437
5. Japan 2,168
6. ​​Poland 1,164

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