Tennis. Iga Świątek vs. Anna Kalinska in the semi-final of the WTA 1000 tournament in Dubai. The final is at stake. Who will be victorious? LIVE

Iga Świątek - Anna Kalinska match
Match Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska Kamran Jebreili/Associated Press/East News
Seeded number one, Iga Świątek will face the quarterfinalist of this year’s Australian Open, Russian Anna Kalinskaya (40th WTA) in the semi-final of the WTA 1000 tournament in Dubai. The tennis players will play together for the first time in their careers. This is the Pole’s fourth appearance in the event. Last year she reached the title match. We invite you to our LIVE coverage. Iga Świątek lost to Anna Kalinska 4:6, 4:6 in the semi-final of the event. The Russian used the third match ball.

First fight in his career

The leader of the world ranking, Iga Świątek, will face the Russian tennis player ranked fortieth in the world, Anna Kalinska. This will be the first match for the tennis players. In the 1/4 finals, the Pole defeated the sixth seeded Chinese Qinwen Zheng. In turn, the 25-year-old player from Moscow sensationally defeated the third racket in the world, American Cori Gauff. At stake is the final of the Dubai Duty Fee Tennis Championships. The Pole is playing for the 23rd final

Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 4:6

Unfortunately, it was the last game of this match. Kalinska used the third championship ball. Thus, the Russian stops her streak of eight matches without defeat.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 4:5

The Pole returned to the game. Świątek’s determination and effectiveness know no limits. Kalinska had a breakthrough advantage, but only one.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 3:5

Something incredible! Świątek saved two match points and used the second chance to make it 3:5. in the second set. The Polish woman does not give up!


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 2:5

The second break point was used by Kalinska. Unfortunately, the Pole is only one game away from being eliminated from the tournament.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 2:4

Kalinska continues to maintain a stable level of play. It practically does not go below a certain level. The Russian is getting closer to triumph.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 2:3

A great game by the Pole, who won ‘dry’.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6. 1:3

Kalinska still maintains a high level of serving and stable play. The Pole will have to look for a breakthrough in another game.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6. 1:2

We have a game in favor of the Polish woman. The rivals allowed them to score one point.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 0:2

Kalinska maintained her service. In this game, the Pole made a lot of unforced errors.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6, 0:1

The Pole failed to defend the break. Making a mistake, Świątek lost the first game in the second set. The Russian has the advantage of breaking through.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:6

Kalinska withstood the pressure on her own serve and won the first game. This is the first set lost for the Pole since losing the match against Czech Linda Noskova in the 3rd round of the Australian Open.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:5

In the next game, the Polish server had to chase her opponent. An ineffective forehand down the line gave Kalinska her second break in a row.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:4

Świątek broke a streak of six points in a row for Kalinska, who led to a draw after defending a break-through opportunity. This is the second game in a row for the Russian.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:3

In the next one, the roles were reversed. The Russian had three break points. The opponent’s slight relaxation and determination led to a return break. The Pole lost ”dryly”.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 4:2

The Pole started very impressively, with a 40-0 lead on Kalinska’s serve. However, from that point forward she made two straight backhand errors, throwing the ball over the end line. After a great exchange (the best in the match so far), the Pole was rewarded with a fourth break. She didn’t waste another one, finishing the action with a cross-country backhand shot.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 3:2

The successful first serve turned out to be crucial here. This is the shortest game in this match so far. Świątek holds the pass again and takes the lead.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 2:2

Once again, the server triumphed. The 25-year-old opponent showed an effective pass in the final phase.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 2:1

Another game in which the server and returner had a lot to say. This time there was no chance to break through. The Polish woman’s backhand put her in the lead in the match. The Russian didn’t make it to the pike, which turned out to be the winner.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 1:1

Now the White and Reds had the ball to break. However, foul play by the 22-year-old from Raszyn and Anna Kalinska’s serve led to a draw.


Iga Świątek – Anna Kalinska 1:0

Iga Świątek’s long service game is behind us. The Pole saved two break points and won after seven minutes of play.

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