CEV Cup semi-final. Defeat of the Grot Budowlane Łódź volleyball players. The third set decided it

Photo Krzysztof Szymczak
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The Grot Budowlane Łódź team played the first semi-final match of the CEV Cup. The opponent of the team led by Maciej Biernat was the Swiss leader of the local league, NUC Volleyball Neuchatel, and the match ended in a 1:3 defeat.

The first set performed by the Łódź team was phenomenal. The Grot Budowlane volleyball players were already leading 16:5, and ended up winning by 17. In the second set, the home team did not have such a big advantage, but the Łódź team was leading 16:15. After a few more actions, however, they were losing 18:21, and they lost the entire set by 21.

This is how Grota Budowlane fans supported the team in the fight for the CEV Cup final.  Photos

The third set was even. The Łódź team lost 15:16. Our team was the favorite in this confrontation. So we counted on a certain victory. The guests from Switzerland did not intend to give up. They led 19:17 and 21:19. The Łódź team fought and lost only 21:22. Madeline Haynes scored 23 points. Our volleyball players had a throw-in attack and Budowlane lost 22:24. However, the challenge changed the judges’ verdict and it was a draw 23:23. Madeline Haynes again and it’s 11:24 p.m. Jelena Blagojević equalizes (24:24). Jelena Blagojević again and it’s 25:25.

Tiata Scambray’s attack gives the Łódź team the set ball. We do not take advantage of this opportunity and after blocking our opponents lead 27:26. Tiata Scambray’s attack makes the Swiss team win the important set 28:26.

Maciej Biernat’s players looked resigned in the fourth set. They lost 8:11. Fortunately, faith returned to the housewives (17:17). The rivals were again within two points (19:21). After a while, they scored 22 points. Tessa Grubbs scored with a block. Weronika Sobiczewska’s block meant that the Łódź team lost only 21:23. Unfortunately, in a moment it was 21:24. Jelena Blagojević extends the chances – 22:24. However, Madeline Haynes scored her 25th point. The Łódź team lost the match 1:3.

So far, the Łódź team can boast of Polish trophies. They won the Polish vice-championship twice (2017, 2019) and bronze medals (2018, 2023). They stood on the top podium twice in the Polish Cup (2010, 2018) and lost the final twice (2017, 2021). In 2017 and 2018 they won the Polish Super Cup, and in 2020 they won the PLS Super Cup.
Now there is a chance for the CEV Cup final. Rematch on February 27 at 7 p.m. in Switzerland.

Grot Budowlani Łódź – NUC Volleyball Neuchatel 1:3 (25:17, 21:25, 26:28, 22:25)
Grot Budowlani: Mackenzie May 12, Kinga Różyńska 8, Ana Bjelica 7, Jelena Blagojević 18, Małgorzata Lisiak 9, Ewelina Wilińska 2, Justyna Łysiak (l) and Martyna Łazowska, Andrea Mitrović 1, Weronika Sobiczewska 3. Coach: Maciej Biernat.
In the second pair: Real Mutua Fenera Chieri (Italy) – Levallois Paris Saint Cloud (France).

On Saturday at 19, in the 20th (third from the end) round of the main match of the Tauron League, the volleyball players of Grot Budowlane host the table leader Chemik Police in Łódź. There will be great emotions.
The next day, on Sunday at 4 p.m., the ŁKSCommercecon volleyball players will also play against MKSKalisz at the Sport Arena in Łódź. and

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