CEV Cup semi-final. Asseco Resovia defeated Fenerbahce Istanbul 3-1 and took a step towards the final. Stephen Boyer rocked!

The rematch in Turkey on February 29 will decide whether Asseco Resovia or Fenerbahce will advance to the final.
The rematch in Turkey on February 29 will decide whether Asseco Resovia or Fenerbahce will advance to the final. Krzysztof Kapica
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In the first match of the CEV Cup semi-final, Asseco Resovia’s volleyball players defeated Fenerbahce Istanbul 3-1. Stephen Boyer, who shined on the serve, was chosen MVP of the match. The return match will take place in Turkey on February 29.

The Rzeszów team won the first two sets easily. Third for Fenerbahce. Fourth after an exciting game for the Rzeszów team, which fulfilled its plan for this semi-final. In the rematch, two sets won by Resovia are enough to advance.

In the first set, Asseco Resovia defeated the Turks with a serve. The opening performance by the hosts was very optimistic and effective. After two point plays by Karol Kłos, the Rzeszów team prevailed 7:3. And the bag of aces was solved. Four players from Rzeszów scored points from the field, including Cebulj three times. Stephen Boyer increased the score to 9:4 with a serve. Klemen Cebulj (he was celebrating his birthday) scored an ace at 12:5. Then the Rzeszów team scored points in attack several times. At 13:6 Yacine Louati scored, then Cebulj. 19:11 the Rzeszów team was leading after an ace by Cebulja. The guests couldn’t stand the pressure. After Bartłomiej Mordyl’s serve, the hosts had set points (24:12). The game, in which Resovia added a few points to Resovia’s account after their rivals’ mistakes, was closed with a strong attack by Yacine Louati, who defended Fenerbahce’s colors that season. Demolition!

The Rzeszów team also started the second game successfully, not even for a moment giving up the initiative to the runners-up of the Turkish league, who were probably a bit surprised by their play. Boyer played his second ace (4:2). Players from Istanbul scored two points with mistakes, and later they did the same. 12:6 was the block of the Rzeszów team. Fenerbahce made up three points in a row (12:9), but then made three mistakes and the situation returned to “normal”, i.e. the game was dictated by the team from Wisłok, especially since the opponent frequently spoiled the serves. Cebulj, Boyer and Louati scored points in attack. The latter added an ace (20:14). Dick Kooy hit a block (22:15), Cebulj added more actions (23:15) and ended the set with an attack after Boyer’s block.

The third set was even. The Resovia team made a lot of their own mistakes, and the guests strengthened their attack and service. This was grist for the Turkish mill. The guests were leading 3:2, 9:7, 11:8). Although Louati equalized the score at 11:11, the next actions were won by the Bosphorus players. After Drazen Luburic’s attack, Kooy’s ace and a block on Louatim, they dominated 20:15. Luburić attacked at 22:18. After an ace serve, the guests had set points 24:19. Boyer scared them with an ace (22:24), but Luburić dotted the i’s with an attack on the side.

The players of Turkey’s third team, elated by this victory, started the fourth set with a bang (7:3). Boyer entered the game and played three aces in a row, Kooy hit a block, Boyer once again hit from the field for serving and the Resovia team dominated 10:7. The French bombardier broke through the Turks. After the block on Luburić it was 13:11. After attacking the passing ball, Cebulja had the advantage of our players 17:14. After another miss from the rivals’ service area, the score was 18:15. After a while, 22:19. After a tight block 24:20, the Resovia team had the match ball. The Rzeszów team closed this clash with a block. Way to go!

After the match, birthday boy Klemen Cebulj heard “100 years” from the fans. – There will be no champagne. There will be a family meeting to celebrate his birthday – said the player, who was happy with the gift he and his friends gave themselves, i.e. victory over Fenerbahce.

Asseco Resovia – Fenerbahce Istanbul 3:1 (25:12, 25:17, 22:25, 25:21)

Asseco Resovia : Drzyzga 1, Cebulj 17, Louati 12, Kłos 7, Mordyl 5, Boyer 22, Potera (libero) and Staszewski, Defalco 2, Bucki. Coach Giampaolo Medei.

Fenerbahce: Yanizapar 2, Savas 6, Kooy 9, Luburić 20, Gulmezoglu 6, Ghaziani 6, Yesilbudak (libero) and Dengin (libero), Gurbuz 3, Peksen, Penczew. Coach Kerem Eryilmaz.

Referees : Wouter De Barr (Netherlands) and Volodymyr Paievskyi (Ukraine). Viewers : nearly 3,000.
MVP : Stephen Boyer.

The return match will be played on February 29 at 5 p.m. in Istanbul.

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