Will there be a new world record? The Master speaks plainly!

Armand Duplantis
Armand Duplantis Grzegorz Olkowski / Polska Press
“The result of 6.24 is within my capabilities this year,” admitted the champion and world record holder in pole vaulting, Swede Armand Duplantis, before Thursday’s meeting in Clermont-Ferrand, France. “I am currently in very good shape, hence the hope,” he added.

The Swede assessed his form a week before the World Indoor Championships and a few months before the Olympic Games in Paris.

A year ago, during the competition in Auvergne, the Swede set a world record with a result of 6.22. In September in Eugene, he improved his record result by one centimeter.

When asked about his current condition and the fact that since the beginning of the indoor season he has not managed to exceed the 6-meter limit, Duplantis explained that everything is OK.

“My form is good, I feel it. But I also know that the first two competitions this year did not reflect my actual performance. I train without any problems, I jump better and better. I am at the level I set for myself. Of course, the first two competitions were a bit frustrating , but these are very small things, easy to solve. They were two completely different events. I was tired, but maybe a little too excited. I was thinking about breaking the world record when the bar was at a height of… 6 meters. I wanted too much, hence this and not another result,” admitted the Swede.

He also added that he would approach the competition on Thursday in France in a completely different way.

“I feel good, I know what to do. And my goal for Thursday’s competition? Reach 6.24 m! But take it easy, no rush. First, walk 6 m, that’s within my reach. What will happen next – time will tell,” he concluded. the best pole vaulter in recent years.

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