Wojciech Nowicki’s birthday. – The most important thing is that I am healthy and able to achieve my goals

Wojciech Wojtkielewicz
– The most important thing is that I am healthy and can still pursue my sports goals – said Wojciech Nowicki, Olympic champion in hammer throwing, on his 35th birthday.

Nowicki was born on February 22, 1989 in Białystok. He is one of the most successful hammer throwers in history.

– Despite the passage of time, I try, above all, to work and enjoy sport to stay motivated. I want to enjoy what I have and what fate has given me, he continued.

Nowicki spent the last weeks at the training camp in Tenerife.

We lived in the north of the island in the city of Los Realejos, near Puerto de la Cruz and 30 kilometers from the capital – Santa Cruz De Tenerife. I was provided with a throwing area and a gym, as well as decent housing and good food, which is everything I need for training. The weather was very good. Certainly better than in Poland. The sun was shining all the time and the temperature was generally 22-23 degrees. These are truly optimal conditions for training. I was able to throw a lot and focus on the technical elements. More could be done than in winter conditions. That’s what trips like this are for.

Tenerife is popular among athletes

Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is the largest and most populated of the Canary Islands. There are, among others: objects included on the UNESCO World Heritage List – the Pico del Teide volcano with the national park and the historic city of La Laguna.

– I didn’t have much free time because we were mainly focused on training. Only on Sunday we had more rest and some opportunities to spend some interesting time. But from Monday to Saturday the whole week was filled with training. However, I came there to work, not for a vacation. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to train in good conditions. I tried to use this time primarily for training – emphasized the Olympic champion from Tokyo.

Nowicki, together with his coach Joanna Fiodorow, was not the only athlete training in Tenerife.

– There were also hammer throwers, javelin throwers and discus throwers from Finland. Malwina Kopron and her grandfather trained with us for some time – he added.

On Wednesday, Nowicki returned to Poland, but next week he will leave for another training camp. This time to South Africa.

Then we have a camp planned in Turkey. At the end of April I will fly to Kenya for a competition and return to Turkey.

Nowicki will inaugurate the Olympic season with his start in Nairobi.

– This will be my first start of the season. However, it will be possible to take it with a grain of salt, because I will approach it at a leisurely pace, being fully trained. Such competitions are necessary to slowly get into the starting rhythm and push yourself. Feel the stress and adrenaline – he explains.

The 35-year-old hammer thrower has already won everything in his career. He has won medals at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships. He was the national champion many times.

– I treat all my achievements as history and try to find new goals. Every season I set a goal and strive for it. I don’t fall into self-admiration, I don’t rest on my laurels, but despite my advanced age for an athlete, I try to enjoy what I do every year. If I manage to achieve my goals for this season, I will be very happy. That’s how I try to arrange it in my head – explained Nowicki.

Nowicki does his own thing and doesn’t look at his rivals

Last year, the Podlasie Białystok player won the silver medal at the world championships in Budapest. Canadian Ethan Katzberg won the gold . Nowicki, however, focuses on his preparations and does not think about his rivals.

I don’t follow it and I don’t get emotional. I focus on myself. I have my job to do. I’m not interested in the rest. I will keep an eye on my rivals during the season. Maybe this helps me stay calm and not be distracted by anything.

In Paris, Nowicki will fight for further Olympic laurels, but he does not rule out taking part in the Games in Los Angeles in 2028.

– It all depends on how I look physically and what my health will be in a few years. For now, I’m not looking that far into the future. I’m focused on this season. When I finish my starts this year, I will think about what to do next. Now I don’t even think about next year – concluded the athlete.

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